Common Sense Solutions

Katie Tomberlin was born and raised in Southeastern North Carolina, and moved to this area in 1992. She met her partner Sterling here in 1999, and has raised their three children, ages 20,17, and 13 in Carteret County. Katie began her community and political involvement full time in 2017, beginning with the Carteret County Democratic Party as County Secretary from 2017-2019, County 1st Vice Chair in 2019, and County Chair from 2019 to the present. She has served on the board for the Carteret County Democratic Women as 3rd Vice Chair, and is currently on the DWNC Legislative Committee as the environment lead. Katie has also sat on the NCDP State Executive Committee since 2019, and the NCDP Platform and Resolutions Committee since 2018, currently as Environment/Agriculture/Healthcare Subcommittee Lead.

When Katie ran for Carteret County Commissioner in 2018, she was extremely involved in the fight against seismic blasting and offshore drilling. This led to her joining Coastal Carolina Riverwatch, our local Waterkeeper organization. Katie became a board member in 2019 and became Vice President in 2021. In 2019, she attended Climate Reality Corp Training in Atlanta, GA, and was trained by Al Gore and Rev. Dr. Barber on the issue of climate change. Also in 2019, Katie attended an environmental conference for her local Sierra Club group leader, and became a part of a group of NC environmental activists that helped Governor Cooper with Executive Order 80. Through this process, Katie became more familiar with the NC Sierra Club, and ran in the 2019 Statewide election for an at-large seat of the State Executive Committee. She just won her second statewide Sierra Club election in January of 2022.

In 2021, Katie, her oldest daughter, and 3 other friends, formed the local non profit Crystal Coast Proud. CC Proud focuses on educating and counseling LGBTQIA+ youth, their families, and allies. Social Justice and equality have always been at the forefront of Katies actions. Looking at these counties, she doesn’t see representatives that actually speak and represent the people. For some of us, sure, but not me. We deserve representatives that aren’t afraid to fight for their communities, and to speak for those that cannot speak for themselves. We deserve representatives that speak up for ALL of us, not the few.

Katie is running for NC House 13, in Carteret and Craven Counties, and she asks you to check out her website, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about her and her role in the community. Please reach out with any questions, ways to donate, and upcoming events. Katie is asking for your vote on November 8th, 2022, so we have a voice in Raleigh from the coast.