Platform / Issues


The success of our communities depends on the financial stability of working families. If elected, I will help to ensure a future where ALL FAMILIES can achieve racial and economic equity. When local families succeed, we all win.

Fair and Affordable Housing - One of the hardest things about living near the beautiful Ocean, with an ever expanding tourism season, is the cost of living. We cannot let income-based housing be destroyed to make way for “affordable housing” when it is not actually affordable for those who need it. Housing options should be available for ALL income levels. The Carteret County average income is currently over $57,871 a year. Craven County has a county average of income of $53,994, but not all people in those counties can find permanent employment that meets these averages. According to the latest census bureau statistics, the average cost of rent in Carteret County is a whopping $916 a month for a 2-bedroom home. The average cost of rent in Craven County is $961. Rents are high, as are utilities, insurances, food, and other cost of living expenses. These costs cannot be paid with minimum wage or on an income based solely on the tourist high seasons.

There is a great need to strengthen our economy in Carteret and Craven Counties. Locally, our School System and Carteret Health Care are the top two employers in Carteret County. The next top employers are Walmart, Lowes Home, Lowes Food, and Food Lion. In Craven County, Cherry Point Military Base is the biggest employer. What we really need is more long-term employment with the opportunity for long term security and advancement, instead of relying on seasonal work that only pays a livable wage for a few months a year.


We are currently suffering from an Opioid crisis in Carteret and Craven Counties. With the crack down on the doctors and prescriptions, these addicts have now turned to heroin to fill in the gaps. This crisis has affected every citizen of both counties, whether it be your child, spouse, neighbor or other. We all know someone who has lost a loved one to this addiction. Foster care numbers have risen due to this epidemic and families have been torn apart. I believe that both counties are in desperate need of in-County long term addiction and recovery centers. Many addicts have no way to get to the closest rehabs, or the money for their services. This, in turn, enables the addicts to continue their drug abuse. Carteret and Craven are also in great need of a large mental health facility. These two issues usually go hand in hand. I am willing to do whatever I can to help find a solution, working across governmental agencies, law enforcement and nonprofit organizations.

Environment/Environmental Justice

Companies and individuals responsible for environmental atrocities must be held accountable for these actions. Tighter regulations are needed regarding animal waste and its disposal, as well as the permit process. Eastern North Carolina also needs access to more charging stations for electric vehicles. Havelock has no charging stations, with the closest in-County being in New Bern. Carteret has 3 public EV charging stations.

Legalization of Recreational Use of Marijuana

Marijuana should be legalized in NC. It would not only add money into the state for our roads, parks, schools, and more…. It would also provide a crop for struggling farmers to grow and sell, contributing to our state economy. Legalizing marijuana would reduce the inmate population and allow law enforcement to focus on the more serious crime issues. The legalization of marijuana has also been proven to be beneficial to Veterans who suffer from PTSD. A SurveyUSA poll found that 72 percent of North Carolinians supported medical marijuana legalization. Support for medical marijuana is high across the political spectrum. The poll found that 64 percent of registered Republicans, 75 percent of registered Democrats and 78 percent of unaffiliated voters supported legalization.

Womens Rights

Women and men should be treated equally under the law. This includes equal pay and as well as the right to choose what is done with their body. Backlogged sexual assault cases should be completed, and counseling offered for those who have experienced trauma.

Voters Rights/Fair Elections

No citizen should be denied the RIGHT to vote.  Elections should be run fairly, without the use of voter suppression, gerrymandering, excessive campaign sepnding or denying absentee ballots and early votes. Every vote and every voice counts.


The average teacher salary in NC is between $50,723 and $67,093. Carteret County has an average of just $46,798 and Craven County has an average of just $30,096. This is unacceptable, and educators need to be paid a living wage. School employees should also fully represent the diversity of the students that they teach. It is important for children to see themselves in those who educate them. The current student to counselor ratio in Carteret County is 275 to 1, and in Craven it is 370 to 1. A ratio of 250 to 1 is recommended for maximum program effectiveness. Our schools also need more counselors and nurses.